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It started in 1998 in Dave Dixon's garage, homebrewing.  I learned the art and science behind brewing beer and I loved it.  I started brewing my own May of 1999. I went to and entered homebrew competitions, was a head steward and even won a third place once... at the Dixie Cup in New Orleans.  I've brewed for quite a few years... and yet, I only brew every few years.  

People would always ask me what my hobby was and I would always respond, "brewing beer".  But that wasn't true anymore (until recently - see brew pics).  What I really love doing is trying beer, drinking beer, talking about beer... essentially, anything beer related. So I decided to create a brew lovers club and support my local breweries.  The WolfsBayne Brew Crash was born.  We are taking the next couple of years to visit every brewery within 50 miles of Raleigh, NC as well as going on Brew Crash Road Trips!  Then... we will visit more. Who knows where this thing will end up?  Thanks for checking us out and please, join us for an upcoming Brew Crash!

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