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UFO, Beer And Things That Make You Laugh

Back in 2000, I joined the UFO Club at The Flying Saucer in Arlington Texas. This is a club that rewards you for drinking 200 completely different beers (not in one sitting). If you do it, you get a cool saucer attached to their wall or ceiling.

Original UFO Membership card.
UFO is Real

As you can see by my card, that was a long time ago. I moved back to Raleigh in 2004 and realized there was a Flying Saucer here in 2007. But when I went to check it out, my card no longer worked. They issued me a new one. My current number is 10532.

The cool thing was on the back of the card - It's a play on the Lord's Prayer and quite clever. I always thought that was pretty cool. Sadly, the new card has some legal jargon that no one would care to read.

A play on the original
The Barmen's Prayer

I ended up completing the task of drinking 200 different beers after 17 years and got my own saucer on the wall. Once you've done it once, you can start all over and do it again. I know some who have gone through the process 8 or more times. That seems a bit expensive to me, but I am sure they enjoy it.

Flying Saucer ... Saucer
The Bayne of my Own Existence

There is my infamous (meaning NOT famous) plate. My experience at that first Flying Saucer (as well as the ones in Fort Worth, Addison, Houston, Charlotte and Raleigh) is what got me interested in the amazing variety of beer and ultimately where I am today with the WolfsBayne Brew Crashes. I hope to sip a cold one (and maybe one I've never had) with you at the next Brew Crash!

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