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Cenosillicaphobia (pronounced sen-no-sill-ick-uh-fobia) is the fear of an empty glass. This phobia can pertain to glasses lacking in beer, wine, or a cocktail. Many avid American drinkers suffer from this particularly cruel fear.

Ceno comes from the Greek word kenos, which means empty. Sillica, which we can also assume was meant to be spelled silica refers to quartz, or in this case is intended to mean glass. Lastly, is phobia, which simply means the fear of. Put it all together and would you look at what we get, Cenosillicaphobia, the fear of an empty glass. By adding the Latin word for beer, cervisia, you get Cenocervasiasillicaphobia, the fear of an empty beer glass.

Other brew related ailments...

• Nobrewphobia: Nobrewphobia is the fear of running out of beer. Maybe people with this phobia don't care that their glass is empty, but the fear sets in when they go to the fridge to grab another brew and realize there isn't any more! Similar to Cenosillicaphobia, the only cure is to race to the liquor store and grab another pack.

• Methyphobia/Potophobia: Methyphobia, which can also be called Potophobia, the fear of losing control when drinking. Hopefully no one has a combination of Cenosillicaphobia and Methyphobia, for when you fear an empty glass, odds are you will keep drinking, and there is a high potential to lose control. If you suffer from a combination of these two phobias, we recommend you seek help and support.

• Zythophobia: the fear of beer and those who drink beer. This is a fear I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy because beer is amazing! These people typically avoid gatherings in which beer will be present, and don't allow people to consume beer in their homes, but at that point I don't think any of us would want to be in their homes anyways.

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